What is Focus 1 EDU ?

Focus 1 EDU is the world’s first integrated classroom system that incorporates EEG detection technology. The system includes headbands for students and a computer software for school administrators and teachers.

We aim to create a smarter classroom using real-time attention level feedback that will redefine our understanding of education. Through personalized interaction between teachers and students, Focus 1 EDU is able to improve the teaching and learning experience.


How does Focus 1 EDU work?

Through years of research and development by engineers and scientists at BrainCo, and by incorporating and modifying an algorithm developed at NASA, Focus 1 EDU can accurately translate brain signals into a quantifiable expression of attention level.

Studies on the brain and brain signals have shown that different brainwave frequency bands are correlated with different brain functions and states of mind. Using this as a fundamental to our technologies, gives us a window into the minds of students.

With Focus 1 EDU

Teachers can engage in systematic reflection of their teaching by utilizing the classroom attention level report.

Studentscanusetheindividualattentionlevelreportasaself-assessment tool to develop themselves as independent learners.

School administrators can to determine when students are better able to concentrate.

School administrators can also accelerate teachers’ professional development by identifying best practice.


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